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The Physical Web with Eddystone

The Physical Web lets you broadcast a secure URL to customers around you. The Retail Sensors beacon is the bridge between digital and physical realms, in the right location, and at the right time. Customers can stand in front of a product and be prompted by their phone to open either an app or a web page with more information.

Eddystone Beacons
Physical Web - Eddystone Beacons Eddystone is a new type of technology used in most beacons. The Eddystone protocol was developed by Google, as part of the Physical Web. It's a way of associating either a URL or an app with a Retail Sensors beacon, so that over 86% of the smartphones that come across a beacon with the Eddystone technology. A notification only appears after the screen has been turned on. You can use it to prompt users to visit your website and to offer an improved customer experience. With Apple's iBeacon, businesses need to build their own app, and hope their customers download it. This type of marketing is an incredibly expensive. Beacons are the future of proximity marketing, with more and more businesses starting to use Retail Sensors and leave their mobile app in the past.
Retail Sensors' Beacon For Google Nearby
Proximity Marketing Device - limited quantities available at this price
This is your chance to be one of the first retailers and business professionals in the USA, that have taken advantage of using beacons for mobile marketing. Until now you had to have made a special app and spend a small fortune on getting people to download your app. Thank's to Google Nearby you do not need an app to send a notification to a possible customer when they are within range of your location. We build you a mobile friendly and secure webpage that is specifically designed for use with our retail sensors (beacons),for a monthly fee of $99.95 includes (3) Retail Sensor Beacons. If you act now we will take *$50.00 off your first month. You can also add additional Retail Sensors for only $25.00 each just contact us to order.

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